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Natural Home Building for a Sustainable Future.

Natural Home Building for a Sustainable Future.

From the desk and heart of owner, Jon Rovick.

To me the term “Natural Home Building” is a broad statement taking into account not only the use of natural materials but also the building of homes sustainably with the use of renewable and recycled materials. As we all know fossil fuel emissions from our homes, automobiles and power plants and the production of building materials alone is producing greenhouse gasses and carbon dioxide emissions faster than our earth may be able to handle. Not to mention the waste products maximizing our landfills. If we continue at this rate we will quickly destroy all life, as we know it on our planet. I am certainly guilty of waste and pollution myself. But the more I learn the more I realize that God gave us all the tools necessary to sustain ourselves on this great Earth. With conservation and the use of the sun, wind and water we could provide all the power necessary to meet all of our energy needs. By using a combination of moderation healthy manufactured materials and renewable resources we have enough available to build housing for all people without destroying our environment. With our young people’s brilliant minds and the technology we have created there is no end to what could be possible.

I believe there is still hope for our future generations. I realize that it is all of our responsibilities to do our part to sustain a healthy earth for all of our children’s children. I am amazed and thankful for all of the pioneers of the “Natural Home Movement”. As much as I am impressed with the little straw house in the woods I feel it necessary as a builder to do my part to introduce natural sustainable building practices into all of the projects I am involved with. I know that the more of us in the construction business that incorporate some form of conservation and “Green Building” practices into our projects the more that will follow in our footsteps. For whatever the reason may be, whether it is truly sincere or even coming from a competitive standpoint this can only help.

My strategies for integrating “Natural Home Building” into my projects will start with careful planning. I will attempt to skillfully situate each home in order to best integrate the sun as a natural energy source. I will investigate and choose the most creative possibilities for foundation systems. I will insulate and seal each home to its fullest potential. As much as possible I will encourage natural renewable materials for my clients. Materials such as straw, earth, bamboo, properly harvested trees etc. My strategies will involve the reduction of materials with high-embodied energy. Each home will be evaluated in order to choose the most efficient alternative heating or cooling option. Materials will be selected to provide a healthy environment for the occupants. I will uphold my high standards for quality craftsmanship. I will work closely with local governments and building officials to understand and facilitate “Natural Home Building”.

Together I feel these practices will produce healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly homes. A home built with love and consideration for our mother earth will stand strong and aid in caring for the soul.