Our services include being a part of your project from its inception until your dream comes true in order to ensure sustainability, durability, beauty and balance.

This personal relationship with you and your home allows us to pay careful attention to detail as well as be an ally to you while creating buildings of distinction that will stand as responsible, noble structures of which you can be proud. To build in this way supports our lives as well as our client’s lives at the deepest levels of consciousness.

New Construction
As a general contractor we build custom, carefully crafted homes. Each project that we take on is unique; whether it is grand of scale or a cozy cabin, we make a commitment to understanding each home’s and its owner’s individual spirit.

Additions and Remodels
Our dedication to high quality construction and attention to detail, efficiency and sustainability will help you transform your existing home into the home of your dreams. Whether your goal is to invest in more efficient building technologies and convert an existing home to be more sustainable and energy efficient, or perhaps you just want to add features and finishes that increase the harmony as well as the value of your home, we will dedicate ourselves to understanding your lifestyle and your home’s unique spirit.

Consulting Services
We are excited and happy to share our passion and expertise in building the home of your dreams or new developments that our towns and cities can be proud of. We would like to act as your consultant early on in the planning process. This way we can work with you and your designers to assist in creating a plan that can actually save you money in the construction process.